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What is Zest?
  • A holiday product that sells short breaks
  • For young people in metros
  • A whole bunch of exciting activities • Not just a place to stay but a great experience to remember
Why Zest?
  • For the Young adults – Zest has been designed for young adults , meet like minded people on your break
  • Accessibility – We have bouquet of resorts around every metro. You can hop into your car and zip away on a Zest Short Break
  • Flexibility of usage – Accumulation and advancing options are available on your zest break
  • Hassle free Booking – a single point call centre and easy to reach Zest Consultants
How often can I take a Zest short break?
Your Zest membership lasts for 10 years. You can take up to three short breaks (of two nights each) every year for ten years at a Zest resort .One of these breaks can be a weekend, that is, a Friday and/or a Saturday night. With your Zest membership you can enjoy a minimum of 2 nights stay and a maximum of 12 nights stay in a year, in case you have decided to advance your holidays. Advancement means availing the next year’s holiday in the current year. The facilities of advancement will be available to you only if you have paid the Annual subscription Fee for the current year and also for the advanced year. During weekends you can book a maximum of 1 room. The advance facility can be done 1 year after the Holiday Start Date and can be done only for 1 year. Two or more years will not be clubbed together for advancement. You are allowed to carry forward only 6 nights in a year. Any accumulated holidays in excess of 12 nights will not get carried forward to the next year and will lapse.
What are the different seasons for Zest short breaks?
Zest membership is available in three different categories that determine the season in which you can take your short breaks. Verve(Has to be changed in the entire doc to Verve) – The Peak Season covers the best season for a particular destination. Buzz(Has to be changed in the entire doc to Buzz) – The Mid peak Season covers the normal short break season. Pep (Has to be changed in the entire doc to Pep) – Away from the madding crowds covers the peaceful times for a particular destination.
How can i travel in other seasons?
Your Zest membership privileges can be used in a different season as per certain exchange rules.
Factor for upgradation / downgradation
Verve Buzz Pep
 Weekend  Weekday  Weekend  Weekday Weekend Weekday
Verve 1 1 1 0.667 1 0.5
 Buzz 1 Weekend + 2.5 Days 2 1 1 1 0.667
 Pep 1 Weekend + 3 Days 2.5 1 Weekend + 2.5 Days 2 1 1

Note :
  • Higher season requests can be done only 15 days prior to the checkin date
  • Rooms are subject to availability when the member travels in higher season.
  • There should be no dues against the membership at the time of booking
  • Multiple room requests not entertained.
  • What kind of accommodation do I get?
    Zest resorts have a unique and distinctive ambience and accommodation. Your membership entitles you to a studio apartment, with basic facilities that can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children below the age of 12 years or 3 Adults. These apartments, specially designed for Zest resorts, are fully furnished. Infant /Kid -friendly accessories are available on request
    when can i take my first Zest first short break?
    Payment OptionsHoliday Start Date
    Full Payment/50%DP1 month from the Application From Date
    6Month of sale + 1 months + 2EMI+1st of the next month
    12Month of sale + 1 months + 4EMI+1st of the next month
    24Month of sale + 1 months + 6EMI+1st of the next month
    36Month of sale + 1 months + 9EMI+1st of the next month
    How early should I book my Zest short break?
    Planning your Zest short break a little in advance will ensure you get the slot you want. You can make a request for reservation of your Zest short break from upto 3 months to 48 hours before your check in date. Since all reservations are done on a first-come first- served basis, they are subject to eligibility and availability.
    What annual costs do I pay in addition to my Zest membership?
    Every year, you will need to pay an Annual Subscription Fee (ASF) to cover the upkeep, maintenance, and up gradation of utilities at the Zest resorts and other facilities and services provided by Mahindra Holidays in connection with your Zest membership. ASF is payable irrespective of usage, and paying it in advance is not encouraged. However, should you decide to advance your Zest short break before it is due, you will need to pay the ASF before taking your break.
    Whom do I get in touch with to make my Zest short break reservations?
    Call our Contact Centre number to speak to the Zest Member Service Delivery Team on 02268129304 from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm (Monday - Saturday). Closed on Public holidays.
    For any other queries / feedback, you can send us an email at [email protected]
    How do I gift a Zest short break?
    As a Zest member you can gift your Zest short breaks to your friends. You can gift your holidays on payment of guest fees and a letter of authorization as per the format prescribed by Mahindra Holidays. Your spouse, parents and children are excluded from the payment of guest fees. A person to whom a holiday has been gifted should carry the confirmation voucher as well as a proof of identity to be produced at the resort.
    In case I am unable to go, how do I cancel my Zest short break?
    You can cancel confirmed Zest short breaks by making the request in writing. This may impact on the number of days you have in your account, depending on when you make your request. The date on which you submit the request shall be considered as the date from which to apply the cancellation norms. If you cancel up to seven days before the start of your Zest short break, you do not stand to lose any days. If you cancel between 6 days to 4 days before the start of your Zest short break, you stand to lose half the days of your confirmed holiday from the total days booked. If you cancel less than 3 days from the start date of your Zest short break, you stand to lose the entire number of days of your confirmed holiday from the total days booked.
    What happens when I am making a request to change my plan?
    Should you wish to change your plan, make your request as early as possible? Making your request for the change up to 7 days before the start of your Zest short break ensures that your change is allowed and you do not lose any days or points from the total days you have booked. Making your request between 6 to 4 days before the start of your Zest short break means that you lose half the days of your confirmed holiday, but your request for change is allowed. Making your request less than 3 days before the start of your Zest short break means that you lose all your confirmed days and your change is not allowed.
    What should I carry for my Zest short break?
    Please carry your Membership Card and your confirmation voucher number to enjoy the Zest short break.
    Hope you have all the information you need to get the best out of your Zest short breaks!